Hi there, I’m Sohan

I help businesses succeed online.

Graphic Design. Website Design. WordPress. UI/UX. eLearning. Marketing Automation.

Hi there, I’m Sohan

I help businesses succeed online.

Graphic Design. Website Design. WordPress. UI/UX. eLearning. Marketing Automation.

Skills and Services

Graphic Design

Graphic designing for web and print. Concept designs, banners, flyers, book design from cover to cover, free report design for marketing purposes, product catalog and annual reports.

Wordpress Customization

Wordpress installation and customization – Complete website face-lift, website wire-frame and mockups, banners, product images, user experience and user flow concept.


eLearning consultation, learning management system’s best practices, learning management system deployment, online classrooms, and webinars.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation (at website level) – Creating a marketing strategy, nurturing sales funnels, deploying opt-in forms, free report suggestions, traffic conversion, split testing, website integration with other marketing software such as Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, iMemeber360, Leadpages, Optimizepress and others.

UI/UX Design

Designing concepts/mockups of applications. Then converting these concepts into user interface (UI) screens.


Few interesting facts of my professional and personal life.


“The real question is not whether life exists after death.

The real question is whether you are alive before death.”


Words from Awesome Clients 🙂

Allyson Lewis
Seven Minutes, Inc.

“Sohan is one of many freelancers I have worked with over the last five years – and, he has always provided amazing designs, creative ideas and outstanding communications to make each and every one of our projects end on time and in budget. I would highly recommend Sohan. We are in two completely different time zones and it is though I can share my ideas with him at 10pm CST in the US and the next morning – my words have been brought to life in design. Sohan is gifted, gracious and a pleasure to work with – you should definitely hire him. “

Maya Chendke

“I really enjoyed working with Sohan not only for being able to complete the project successfully, but because he is very open and honest with his feedback. His insight and input helped make our work more successful than imagined, and he was dedicated to making sure everything was done “just right.” He is great to collaborate with, extremely capable and competent, and has a great attitude overall.”

Jill-Donahue Excellerate

Jill Donahue

“Sohan logged over 350 hours on our projects – all through virtual communication. We found him to be extremely pleasant to deal with and creative in his ideas. Thank you Sohan for being so great to work with. “

Yaacov Silberman
Rimon, P.C.

“We’ve used Sohan for small graphic design projects for several years. He’s always been a pleasure to deal with, and come in on time, and on budget. He’s got strong technical skills and is a good communicator. We were happy to work with him!”

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