7 Minute Planner iOS App

7 Minute Planner app is a digital version of The 7 Minute Printed Planner which has been the top selling item of Seven Minutes, Inc for over a decade.

My task was to digitally transform printed planner into an app. The printed planner in itself is quite vast. The most challenging part was to catch all the features of the app and present them to users so that we don’t overwhelm them. The whole design process involved more than 50 screen mockups.

Unlike the other productivity apps exists in the market, 7 Minute Planner app asks for your priorities and life purpose first, then with the help of app you work around those priorities through out the day and month. The fundamental principle of Seven Minutes, Inc revolves around prioritize, organize, and simplify every aspect of life at work and at home.

With in the app, you have a “Daily Progress report” abbr DPR tool that’s the heart of the whole planner app. From a single screen users can plan, track, improve, and execute control over every aspect of your life: From health to finances, from daily appointments to relationships and more. It’s all accessible from the Daily Progress Report.

Along with this, the app offers more than 10 solid fill-able worksheets which seamlessly syncs with Daily Progress Report. Few worksheets you would enjoy exploring are:

  • 90 day goal worksheets
  • Unfinished work and home tasks
  • Meeting planner worksheet
  • Grocery list worksheet
  • Home repair
  • Exercise progress report
  • Personal and business connections

What I did

Conceptualize / UX Flow / UI Design / Graphic Design

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